When Rowan discovers that her horse can actually talk, she tries to convince her bother and cousins to come and see for themselves. To their amazement, they are soon on quest to find a possible cure for something that will threaten everyone they know and love. Will they succeed? Is Gypsy, the horse they've known for so long, actually a mythical creature that has always come to help mankind in times of need?


‘In amongst the COVID storm - and aware that my four grandchildren - Ben, Josh, Rowan and Jake would be off school, I began to worry how their parents would cope! So I decided I would write a story, a fantasy, which their parents could read to them at bedtime.’ - IAN MILLER


'This is a gentle and humorous fable that covers a very serious issue that, at the time of publication, still effects us all... Thankfully, we have Love, Family, Hope and Friendship - PAUL MURDOCH (Children's Author)


Profits will go to - Christie Park School, Cardross School and The Vale of Leven Academy for educating our grandchildren - Rev Ian Miller

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The new launch date for Ian Miller's new children's book is the 22nd of October 2020, 6.30pm on The Neetah Books Facebook Page - You can now pre-order signed copies of The Knights of Pegasus here.

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IAN MILLER is one of the most well-kent faces in the West of Scotland.

A man of the cloth. An entertainer. A man who welcomed all denominations, anytime. A man who has married, christened and buried the great the good and the lowly with equal gravitas and humanity....

Ian's autobiography is still available ...

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