Angling Loch Lomond and its Rivers - by  Richard “Dick”  Dickson.


This book is a narrative of game fishing in Scotland’s world famous loch and its associated rivers Leven, Endrick and Fruin. The author has fished these waters for forty years and considers this to have been one of his life’s great privileges.


The book gives insight to the lochs remarkable angling history for the last century, and chronicles stories of its most famous anglers with accounts of catches made during the halcyon days on the vast water which is Lomond.


The author reminisces along the way about his experiences on the loch and its rivers,

with great stories of worthies encountered and mention

of characters who have fished the hallowed waters such as Billy Connolly who was a

member of the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association and fished its waters for a number of years. He is on record as saying he wishes to be buried on the bonnie banks.


The islands, which set Lomond apart from the other great lochs in Scotland,

are individually described in detail with photographs or fine sketches of them.

There is information of where and how to

fish the waters around these iconic Lomond islands, but with realism

that the loch in particular remains one of anglings greatest challenges.


The three main fishing rivers Leven, Endrick and Fruin are dealt with in separate chapters and

the author demonstrates intimate knowledge of these rivers

with first hand detailed accounts of fishing them.

Although the book is of particular local interest, it has relevance for any angler who fishes in

Scotland’s rivers and lochs for salmon and sea trout.

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